Margaret E Reid

Author - Artist - Adventurer


Welcome to my website!

I view the world in a different way whether spinning stories, upcycling trash into treasures or photography. I use my life experiences in everything I do.
So come on a journey with me as I travel the world or just down the road, and here in Texas, that can be quite away. 

I hope you'll take a few minutes to explore my site, read the blurb on my book, SHADOWS GAMES--first published as From the Shadows, view my picture albums, or watch my dirt track wrecks. 

Here's to Happily Ever Afters and wonderful journeys.


KC Wood only thought she'd escaped her past until the former partner who'd once betrayed her kidnaps her two children, forcing her to work one last mission. Once more she must become the killer he trained her to be. And when the job is over, she'll kill him.
   Steven Janko lurks in the shadows. It's his job, and the only way he knows how to live. Fifteen  years ago he sent the woman he loved away to protect her from the greatest threat he knew...himself. Now after uncovering a plot to kill her, he'll do whatever it takes to save her, no matter what the cost.
   The hunter becomes the hunted. Who will be the ultimate survivor in a game of shadows and deception.

SHADOWS GAMES can be purchased from 

Even though my dirt track racing days are over, I have some awesome in-car camera footage. 
Check out my first You Tube video --
The Big Bomber Wreck . Yes, that's me driving!
  You might want to turn down the sound!
I was lucky enough to have Don support me through the seven years we raced--from the first shell of a car he brought home to the last new custom built car I never raced. He made sure that The Phoenix and The Wild Child kept me safe as possible.
A head-on wreck, May 1, 2010, smashed me pretty good!
May Day Crash

Scuba Diving is more than a passion for me. Diving brings me a peace that passes most people's understanding. I marvel at God's Creation and realize how blessed I am. From diving, I've met remarkable people throughout the world and am lucky to count many of them my treasured friends.


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