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      ?厚 德 載 物


      Ganter is further on its way to increasingly customized standard machine elements.

      Our so-called ?Modification Standards“ save the customer time and money with options for
      machining and other modifications.

      Customer- specific modifications can simply be ordered in addition to the required component.

      GN 109 - Level markings / Special lengths

      GN 110 Cross holes for mounting of operating elements on shafts

      GN 110.1 Cross holes for mounting of universal joint shafts and universal joints on shafts

      GN 111.7 Loss protection (Recess with retaining ring)

      Service modifications allow Ganter to take on the time-consuming modification of standard machine components for the customer, without the need for intricate special equipment. In short: Service standards offer you new benefits because they make the slogan ?ready-to-use“ a reality.


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