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    1. 电话:021-32190091|Email:company@sx-company.com


      ?厚 德 载 物



           r Antriebtechnik Gmbh was founded in 1990 by former R&D engineers of Carl Zeiss Jena. Driven by innovative products, above all the ECOSTEP? drives, the engineering office became a manufacturing company. In 2004, the manufacturing space has been doubled again by a new building. The ECOSTEP? consists of a servo amplifier which via sinusoidal commutation supplies the current for a multi-pole synchronous motor equipped with an encoder. The result is a low-budget servo drive which is designated by an advantageous relation between generated power dissipation and torque. Present With a staff of 60 employees, Jenaer Antriebstechnik GmbH now develops, manufactures and supplies servo drives and mechatronical systems. Sales activities are supported by an international network of distributors. By a joint venture with a chinese company, the entry into the asian market has been accomplished. Also, components for JAT products are manufactured in China. A partnership with an italian motor manufacturer completes our flexibility to offer a competitive motor range. Furthermore partnerships with manufacturers of circuit packs, measuring systems and mechanical devices signify our activities for achieving an advantageous cost/performance relation.


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